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2010-01-07, 12:15 PM
I didn't see a thread so I thought I would start one.

Did a first trade with Nightpunx and all went well. Great communication and really great shows. Am looking forward to doing another trade with him soon. :thumbsup

2010-01-11, 03:58 PM
Just finished my first trade with him too. Everything went OK

2010-01-13, 03:17 AM
We are in the middle of our first trade, Louis is a great trader. Very respectful, ships quickly and has one hell of a list.

2010-01-14, 09:06 AM
just finished my first trade with louis. done a 12 dvd trade, no problems at all. ships quickly, great list, look forward to another trade soon, thanks again man !!!!!!!

2010-01-14, 08:33 PM
Great, great first trade with Louis! I'm gonna bug him right now to setup a second one as soon as my end arrives! :D

2010-01-16, 07:26 AM
HAve to add My say -
Louis Nightpunx is a cool trader , quick and very rare bands that ive never seen filmed or on anyones list before. good filmer also

2010-01-18, 12:08 PM
:D WOW Oh my god!!! People gave me so much good rating!!! did i will be able to get a Much music Award Performance? hahaha :cool:

Well how i can say thank so much everybody!!!! i LOVE Doing trading maybe that why i burn them like fire....



I HOPE ONLY ONE THING when i will die who will get my own collection???

and did people will remember who was NightpunX was.... :lmao:

2010-01-23, 11:23 PM
Finished a second big trade with Nightpunx.

Great shows, great communication and they showed up real fast. Looking forward to a third. :thumbsup

2010-01-26, 08:16 AM
finished 2nd trade with Nightpunx. bigger than the 1st, and again PERFECT ! will maybe trade again, if hes interested ahaha. thanks again man !!!:wave: Martie

2010-01-26, 10:38 AM
Add me to the list of fans. Nightpunx is a great trader. Easy to communicate with and fast to ship. Really cool trader!!!

2010-01-28, 12:46 AM
He contacted me for a trade. I said I'd do a small trade because I didn't know him.
He told me he didn't do small trades but he'd be interested in a trade of 16 DVD's. I told him he'd need to send first. I haven't received anything so far.

Just my experience. :hmm:

2010-01-28, 04:24 AM
He contacted me for a trade. I said I'd do a small trade because I didn't know him.
He told me he didn't do small trades but he'd be interested in a trade of 16 DVD's. I told him he'd need to send first. I haven't received anything so far.

Just my experience. :hmm:

I'm really sorry your package maybe can take time because its was not shipped by airplain and its was expensive like 16$ i prefered to ship by overseas and its can take 2 month if in the end of febuary you didn't receive nothing i will ship you and other package and this time its will be by airplain really sorry don't worry your package is really shipped david!

2010-01-28, 06:07 AM
It's no problem, I can wait. It would have been good if you let me know though. :)

Thanks for the update.

2010-02-01, 11:50 AM
quickly becoming my favorite trader, just did a second one with Louis!
hey pal, your's will be in the mail mid-week! staffino

2010-02-08, 12:47 AM
Juast Got my stuff from him Friday!...GREAT TRADER, quality shows...couldn't be happier

2010-02-08, 04:35 AM
Louis is absolutely one of the best traders I've ever met, hope to set up a 2nd trade with him very soon!

2010-02-08, 03:46 PM
Like all above, great trader! Made a 30 dvd trade, great stuff, fast shipping,highly recommended! Will be trading again with him soon.

2010-02-14, 11:15 AM
GREAT Trader, Louis is an A+....Extremely fast shipping, Quality material, I'm looking forward to future trades!!

2010-02-14, 08:41 PM
yeah i would have to say i had a great trade with him .

2010-02-20, 03:00 PM
Finished another great trade with Nightpunx. Always quality and always great communication. :clap:

2010-03-09, 12:10 PM
finished yet another trade with louis !!! TOP TRADER a+++++++++:lol:

2010-03-09, 06:28 PM
Good trader, nice shows!

2010-03-10, 09:48 AM
just finished my 3rd trade with louis !!! 3rd trade was as good as the first 2. FLAWLESS :)

2010-03-18, 12:35 PM
Great trader, fast, great shows and above all a very nice person!!!!

merci pour l'échange Louis

2010-03-23, 01:01 PM
Did another trade with nightpunx. Great stuff as usual. :thumbsup

2010-04-07, 07:28 AM
Thanks Louis, the shows were worth the wait. They got here in the end. Freakin' awesome dude.

2012-03-23, 12:31 PM
Another great trade with Nightpunx! :thumbsup

2013-03-24, 11:16 PM
First trade with Nightpunx and a pleasure to deal with. Excellent communication and a great list of shows.

Looking forward to our next trade. :thumbsup

2013-03-28, 07:35 AM
I also just did my first trade with him. He accept online FTP trades and sent me DVDs. He was nice and labeled the shows with a piece of paper, and also put each DVD in a sleeve...not 2 DVDs per sleeve. Thanks!

2013-06-11, 02:14 PM
killer trader + awesome filmer - a great contributor to the trading community

2013-06-12, 10:05 AM
Great trader
Everything arrived within a week & a 1/2,due to we live in 2 different countries
DVDs looked awesome with great quality
Highly recommended
Thanks Nightpunx