View Full Version : Playing TS video files on external hard drive through HDTV via HD media player

2009-12-29, 10:05 AM
So, I'm looking for some advice from you folks on how you go about playing your downloaded video files through an HD TV. Like alot of you I have a stockpile of amazing concert videos (mostly TS files) on multiple external hard drives. I can play these on my PC with no problem but I'd like to be able to play these through my new LCD to fully enjoy the experience. Recently there have been a plethora of devices entering the marketplace that claim to have the ability to play video files from external hard drives through LCD and plasma TV sets. Here is a link at amazon to some of these:


Reading the reviews for these devices is maddening and it seems like they all have their faults. The most popular one right now seems to be the WD TV Live model. A big issue with this item that I read in the reviews is that it cannot access video menus and you can only rewind and fast forward. There is no option to skip ahead chapters. It also seems that some folks had the audio and video out of synch after fast forwarding or rewinding.

Have any of you had success with playing your TS video files from an external hard drive through any of these devices on HDTV? I mostly use Toshiba hard drives which are powered by the device that they're plugged into. Basically for this to work the HD media player would have to feed enough power to the external hard drive.

I'm open to any advice or other suggestions that ya'll may have. Basically, the goal here is to avoid having to constantly burn new DVDR's and to play my videos from an external hard drive (with no external power adapter) on an HDTV. I'm trying to avoid just buying a new CPU tower for my living room to accomplish this but I may have to. How are ya'll deaing with playing your TS video files on HDTV?

Thanks in advance for any and all advice from this kind community.

2009-12-29, 10:24 AM
bottom line:

only a wrkstn with HDMI/HD audio will give you every option/play every file type. ($450ish)

the WD Live is the best $100 solution. (read: functional and disposable)