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2009-12-28, 10:07 PM
Hi. I noticed about a week ago my cookies were no longer accepted under tradersden.org.

The cookie name now is thetradersden.org.

Would there not be an announcement or posting regarding this?

I just found this a little strange. Thanks.

2009-12-29, 09:42 AM
The site URL is thetradersden.org. It always has been. There was a short period when our domains were stolen (about three weeks this last May) when I was using tradersden.org for people to get onto the site, but as soon as we got our domains back, I switched everything back to thetradersden.org again.

2009-12-29, 04:07 PM
The only reply I can make is my tradersden.org cookie(s) were accepted up until last week. I was then prompted for cookie allowance for thetradersden.org. Perhaps the tradersden.org cookie expired last week.

That is all I can say. Thanks.