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2005-05-31, 11:21 AM
I'd like to get a software program that'll allow me to mix 2 different sources together to make a matrix. What are the best programs for doing such a thing. I don't have hundreds of $$$$ to spend on a Pro level program. Is a program called "Audacity" any good, or what about "Goldwave"? These 2 programs are available for free but I don't want to use them if it is going to be a waste of time. I appreciate any and all suggestions.

thanks in advance

2005-05-31, 11:45 AM
You need time stretching capabilities and multitrack. Audacity can do it but Adobe Audition can do it better.

Goldwave is a WAV editor so the only way to work would be using mixpaste and a whole bunch of destructive editing. you really don't want to do that. oh, and btw goldwave wasn't free last time I checked.

2005-05-31, 12:58 PM
^^^what he said

If yer on a PC, i'd probably go with Audition [maybe CEP? never used its time stretching feature though, so...]
If yer on Mac, Ableton Live is a program I'm using that has some of the most innovative time stretching capabilities i've ever seen...

2005-05-31, 03:31 PM
just for the record, Audition's time stretching unimpresses me

2005-05-31, 03:40 PM
Thank you for all of the great feedback. So far it looks like Audacity is the way to go in terms of playing around with a free program with some features to see if I want to spend a little money on a more feature rich program. Adobe Audition is about $230. Thats about $200 more than I can afford at the moment for a hobby. The Goldwave site has an offer for a free demo version that I figured would not have the whole package but at least give me something to start with. And, it's only $49 to buy, and so far there are no comments either way. Very close to a good price though.

Thanks again everyone, any other suggestions other than Adobe Audition. The more info the better.

2005-05-31, 03:58 PM
On your budget, Audacity is the only way to fly. GoldWave just isn't the right tool for the job (but feel free to find this out for yourself!).

just for the record, Audition's time stretching unimpresses me
which prog do you prefer?

2005-06-01, 03:58 PM
not to discourage you james, but there ain't alot out there in the "hundred dollar programs" category that can do what you want [quality matrixes]

as five said, Audacity'll be yer best bet...i'd d/l the trial version and play around...i wouldn't waste my time with Goldwave though...its extremely *basic* in re: to recording/editing...

or maybe you could save $ for a little while and invest in something that'll do a better job...thats what i'd do

Actually, you should just dump the whole PC thing and go ahead and invest in a Mac...the only way to go for audio/video/graphics/etc!!!! ;) :D

2005-06-04, 06:07 PM
So I decided to go ahead and get Adobe Audition. I'm a little overwhelmed but I've been tinkering around here and there. I had a McClaughlin recording with a section that had a bad 5 seconds on the right track and figured out how to copy the left track and paste it into the right track. I was very pleased with the results. Now it's on to the more complex stuff. Any recomendations on books to buy or any suggestions. I'm a rookie at this but very astute at using a computer. I don't have good headphones and I know I will need to get some. Is there a good website that has pointers for me or a good FAQ other than the Adobe site.

Thanks again for all of the suggestions

PS: Not to start the argument AAR but how is it that a Mac is better than a PC. I can do anything you can do on my PC that you can do on your Mac. Maybe a slightly different program and maybe some Graphics and Video are 1 Nanosecond instead of 2 Nanoseconds but the gap between the 2 platforms is so minimal these days the argument no longer holds any merit. I have plenty of Mac friends that refuse to listen to me though so I'll understand. My PC hasn't crashed in over a year. Just my $.02 :lol

2005-06-04, 06:26 PM
I was at the music store yesterday and saw an "unauthorized" audition guide full of tips and tricks. There's a whole forum for CEP/Audition but I don't have the link right now, I'll try to dig it up for you soon I'm sure it will help.

I haven't done a matrix, but basically what you have to do is stretch one or the other (or both if they're both way off) so that they're the exact same length. Then you go into audition's multitrack view and right-click on track one, insert one version, right-click on track two and insert the other. Then you can adjust the volumes and apply fx or even chains of fx (if necessary) to each source and hear the changes you've made in real time. If your cpu chokes you can use the "lock" function or mixdown a small segment to test it. Once you've got it sounding just right, mix it down and play it anywhere and eveywhere... your car, your stereo, your friend's boombox. When you feel confident with it, cut it on the sector boundaries etc and maybe you're the next Winston Remasters. Work slowly, haste makes waste.

2005-06-04, 11:06 PM
the CEP/Audition forum that five is talking about is HERE (http://www.audiomastersforum.org/amforum/index.php)