View Full Version : How can I download the other Discs?

2009-12-25, 01:11 AM
I'm using Utorrent,
When I saw a 4 disc set, I only downloaded disc 2 (unchecked the other 3). I now realize I want to get the other 3 discs. I clicked on the torrent, thinking I could uncheck disc 2, and get the other 3, but it doesn't come up.

Do I have to delete the whole disc 2 I already downloaded in order to get the others? It's already a ratio killer. Anything else I can do?

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2009-12-25, 03:11 AM
Hmm. Try deleting the torrent in utorrent, then redownloading the torrent file from the thread. Then add the torrent to utorrent again.

Might wanna change the directory name of the folder holding disc 2, not sure if it will overwrite it or not.

2009-12-25, 03:52 AM
Yes, Delete from utorrent; "only torrent, not torrent and data". Download torrent file and add to utorrent, leaving all boxes checked. The file will go through a check of what's already there and start downloading what's left to get.
Cheers and Merry Xmas.

2009-12-25, 05:35 PM
Thank you very much, it worked. I thought deleting "torrent" I would lose the file.
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2009-12-25, 07:41 PM
There's another way in utorrent to accomplish this. The bottom frame has several tabs. There's one tab named "Files" Click the files tab and you'll see a list of files in the torrent. There's a column on the right named "Priorty" You'll see normal for the the files you downloaded. Normal is the default value. Skipped means file not downloaded. Right click a file and you'll see a context menu pop up with different priorty choices. change priorty to normal, high, or low for files not dowmloaded. Not sure if there's any actual difference in the levels.

You don't need to do every file individually. You can do the usual multi highlight of files. In windows you can click one file then press shift and click a file down the list. then right click the selected files and change them all.

This is nice if you want to download a track to maybe check sound quality. Then you can go back and change the priorty on the remaqining files and start downloading the rest of the files if you like what you hear.


2009-12-26, 02:07 AM
What he said also!!