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2009-12-17, 08:58 PM
hey there, Ive got rockbox installed and working fine on my iriver h10 6gb. Im going to a concert tomorrow and want to record the audio. Last time I did this the audio turned out really distorted. What settings do you recommend I use to get a better sounding recording?

My current rockbox sound settings:

volume: 6 DB. should I set it to 0 db or -74 db, i dont understand this
gain: 20 DB
bass: 0 DB
treble: 0 DB
balance: 0%
channel configuration: stereo
stereo width: 100%
crossfeed: crossfeed No
equalizer: off. simple eq settings: 60 hz band gain
dithering: no
timestretch: no
limiter preamp: 0 db

recording settings:

format: PCM Wave
frequency: 48 kHz
source: microphone... line in, whats line in? I dont have a mic jack on my device only headphone jack, could i use headphone jack for external mic?
channels: stereo
mono mode: mono left + right
file split options: split measure
prerecord time: off
clipping light: off
trigger: off, trigtype: stop, prerecord time: off, start above: -35db
peak release: 8 unuts/10ms
peak hold time: 500ms
clip hold time: 60
clip counter: no
scale: (db)
min of range: -60db
max of range: 0db

these are default settings, i will be in an indoor arena which holds about 20,000 people. I will be in the lower section seating. the stage is sort of centered but not completely

would appreciate if you could help me with my settings

2009-12-18, 12:26 AM
I think that model can only record from the low quality built-in mic.

2009-12-22, 07:49 PM
looks about right, but it seems that you need to get a external mic with a preamp (and depending on the mic phantom power)
Also I would turn the clip light on so you know when your distorting

and if you can't plug a mic in the headphone jack, then you'll either have to hack the leads to the internal mic or get something else to record