View Full Version : logged in but unable to D/L

2009-12-12, 10:21 AM
HI everyone....i't been a long time since I have logged on here , so maybe I'm not eligible to use the site. I logged in, then logged out and got rid of old cookies as a moderater (thank you ) suggestd to me and I still can't click on the D/l . my cp tells me I have D/L or UP/L nothing. But I have used this site many time in the past and appreciacted the good results I achieved......any help....peace mack

2009-12-12, 04:34 PM
I'm not sure what you mean. It shows that you last connected to the tracker about 3 hours ago (you should continue to upload to a show after you finish downloading it so that you can get your ratio up).

2009-12-13, 01:30 PM
Thanks U2....I"ll stay on longer next time , I'll try to find the torrents and hook back into them....peace...mack