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2009-12-09, 02:52 PM
New user here. I'm new to the whole BitTorrent thing, and while I've managed to figure out the (extremely complicated) audio downloading end of things, I can't figure out how to burn a DVD of downloaded video. I have Roxio DVD software, but it won't open any of the files I downloaded.

I'm sure this has come up a thousand times, but I've spent a couple hours googling around and doing searches here, and can't seem to find anything that directly answers the question of how to get the file(s) into the actual software application. The FAQ just says "use your DVD authoring software to burn to DVD." What I find at google goes seems to imply that I have to edit the video file and create chapters and all that. I'm under the impression that the chapters and menus are already created as part of the download, right? Or not? I honestly don't know, because I don't know much about this topic. If someone would condescend to post a couple of links to some info that is very specific about what filenames to click on, and what buttons to hit in the software (or if I should download some different software so that I can follow some instructions that are out there), I'd really appreciate it.

2009-12-09, 03:05 PM
ALL the videos here are authored. You do not need authoring software. Authoring software is used to make what is shared here (fully authored video_ts folders).

You need burning software. Nero, ONES, etc. You just drag the video_ts folder and hit burn. The same thing you use to burn cds.

2009-12-09, 04:12 PM
OK, I've downloaded ImgBurn as a burning application. But I can't figure out how to make it work. There seem to be several "modes", such as writing, building, etc. I picked Write, and tried to select the folder you mentioned. But I had to go down into the folder and found a video_ts_info (or something like that) file inside, and when I clicked on it, ImgBurn told me I had to be in build mode. So I switched modes, but then I couldn't seem to find any option that allowed me to choose a file or a folder or anything that looked familiar. There was nowhere to drag anything. It seems like it should be easy, but some basic settings or option seems to be eluding me.

2009-12-09, 04:46 PM
I can help you out here...

There are two main kinds of output when you author a DVD, file output (where you get VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS) and disc image output (a single .ISO file). By far the most common "method" for traded discs is to use file output. ImgBurn, while a wonderful little program, will ONLY burn image files. So, in order to burn the files you've discussed, you will have to convert the files to an image file. The option you want in Imgburn is "Create Image from files/folder". In order to do this, you'll need the extra hard drive space as the image will be the same size as the other files. In other words, if the files you have to burn total 8 gigs, the image will be another 8 gigs, so you'll need the extra hard drive space to create the image. Once you create the image, ImgBurn should burn it flawlessly. The program may ask you to to confirm a spot for the layer break when it's creating the image for you but the rest is fairly self explanatory.

One of these guides should help you:


There are two entitled Creating a single layer ISO on your hard drive using ImgBurn and Creating a double layer ISO on your hard drive using ImgBurn that should tell you what you need.


There's no reason why Roxio shouldn't be able to burn these files for you. I'm sure there are some tutorials online and you wouldn't have to convert to an .ISO image file as I've described above. However, if you are burning a dual/double layer DVD (anything over 4.5 GBs), you will probably want to use ImgBurn anyway. As I described in another post, I feel it creates more compatible burns for dual layer discs.

2009-12-09, 06:10 PM
Thanks for all the help! I was able to figure out how to get ImgBurn to do it. I needed to select the "burn files and folders to disc" option at the very start, instead of "burn image to disc." I would have posted earlier, but I was burning a DVD, and it turned out great. I think I'm up and running, at least from the downloading point of view. The two Page/Plant shows I've downloaded from here so far are two of the best damn Zeppelin-related shows I've seen, from a quality and performance standpoint. Holy cow! I've just decided this site is the best damn thing on the internet. I've got some content of my own, from SRV to Bob Marley to big band jazz, that I intend to contribute as time permits and as I learn the formatting and uploading procedures. Thanks again!