View Full Version : window 7 + Emu 1820m + Adobe Auditon 3.0 = Hell

2009-12-07, 04:38 AM
I like everyone else had massive trouble with Vista. So now I updated to Win 7 Now my Emu see things it can not record. All my players audio works untill I open Auditon 3.0 then no audio except for audition. I have all the latest patches and drivers. Anyone else with simular problems Any help would be great!!!! MS Sucks!! I thought Emu did not but It starts to look that way also!

2009-12-07, 05:10 AM
If this helps my equipment is
Asus P5E3 Deluxe
Intel Dual Core Q6700 @<hidden> 2.66 Ghz
Window 7 64 bit
4 gigs of ram
E-mu 1820m

2009-12-07, 08:20 AM
drivers drivers drivers

2009-12-07, 08:55 AM
should i use an older driver. The newest ones are giving me trouble

2009-12-07, 10:06 AM
reading online it doesn't seem others are having issues with the 7 drivers with software/hardware you are using. early on people did without the 7 drivers but it looks like the current drivers work.

if you have the new ones, uninstall them and reinstall with the newest available from their sites. or use the update driver function within the device manager. I would not use old drivers.

2009-12-07, 10:18 AM
First thing you need to do is disable the onboard sound if the motherboard has one or check audition's settings to see how it is outputing and to which and such. When in doubt just disable to onboard sound and check the settings throughout your players and AA3 until they all work off the EMU 1820M. Audition the settings are in edit>audio hardware setup. I had a similiar issue with AA3 in XP using onboard audio for the output speakers and an audiophile 192 for input recording. Disabling the onboard controller and using the audiophile exclusively for input and output solved the problem. Are you recording music like multitrack band stuff or just using your setup to transfer analog to digital only like old cassettes and such? If you are just transferring analog to digital you could just use a different program like audacity which works well with a two card setup. You just lose the ability to use ASIO drivers unless you want to compile audacity from scratch yourself to include them.

2009-12-07, 10:38 AM
I was going to use soundbooth but i need multi track. My mbo has onboard sound nothing is coming out of that either. My emu driver options are Direct x Multimedio asio Emu asio or Window media something I only get all my input output options if i pick emu Asio. With vist aa3 would crash often but all my adobe suite worked fine. I am runnig 64 bit should i go to 32 bit?

2009-12-07, 10:56 AM
Here are the drivers and firmware for emu http://i683.photobucket.com/albums/vv196/pigebear/Emu-1.jpg Hope this helps

2009-12-07, 11:39 AM
Here is what seems to be the crux of the problem. Windows top level the sound mapper is not able to control the volume and playback for two different sound devices that are in parallel with each other. Here is a simple test to determine that go into control panel(I don't have Windows 7 but the basic idea is the same). Find the setup for audio and sound devices see what the defaults are for system wide and change them accordingly for each device(you will probably have three options one for the EMU 1820m, one for the onboard sound controller and a generic windows one). Play around with using each until you find the right combo that gives you sound for each device as you have it set up. You should be be able to mute everything with the master volume control. If you can't you won't be able chain everything together correctly with the windows sound mapper or directx whatever 7 uses on the top controlling everything underneath. The workaround which should work is you need to cut out the onboard controller and push your Emu 182om to the top of the list and use it's master controls to adjust volume for input/outputs and if your onboard sound is compatible with it you should be able to chain it off the card that way in its control panel applet. In that case you can renable the driver and use it. If you can make that work on the system level then you can make it work on the software level in AA3. You are going to have to play around with the wires and settings but a little trial and error will get you there. If you leave your onboard sound enabled you will have to probably go into each app that uses sound and check the sound settings to make sure the output is set correctly.

2009-12-07, 03:49 PM
Thank You to everyone .I think i will reinstall everything fresh. All the programs are legit so i have all the discs. Even the test sound is not working now. It says its in use by another program. but nothings open?

2009-12-08, 07:50 AM
Ok I did not do a fresh install . I just gave up. then this morning I thought give it another try. nothing. then i set the snyc to 48 hz nothing. back to 41 nothing do not ask my why but back to 48hz an we have liftoff sound in WMP + Nero! do I dare to open AA3. .................

2009-12-08, 11:50 AM
I used to use emu's 1212M and had many a nightmare getting set up. I ended up emailing their customer support, top notch folks there. I would not hesitate to work with them again. Very helpful and knowledgeable. Just an FYI if it comes down to it. ;)