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2009-11-30, 09:18 PM
:pissed: Just a wonderful day trying to fix the computer mostly successful but a huge headache with ONES! Keep getting this error message: PzWDM.sys No drives found in the system. Drives are there( show in my computer and they work); uninstalled and reinstalled ONES no friggin' help and I'm now completely frustrated. Google has many hits but no viable fixes so I'm turning to this forum for some help as I seem to recall many folks on here used to use this burning software. Thanks:hmm:

2009-12-05, 01:42 AM
try imgburn :)

better and free

2009-12-08, 05:17 PM
I've used image burn and it is nowhere near as good as ONES by Prassi!
As it turns out ones is really not totally driver-less--it installs a compatibility driver know as PzWDM.sys. When other drives went corrupt it choose to read the system as drive-less which made ONEs not work. Found the driver in windows explorer and backed up the registry and then removed the offending driver and re-installed ONEs and everything went back to normal. IMHO ONEs is the best writing software I've ever used and I've tried a butt-load of writing software. Thanks for the interest in my post--Drkhollow

2009-12-19, 11:18 PM
I second that, drkhollow! Prassi ONES is the best burning program I've ever used. I've never had a bad burn in the 4 or so years I've been using it. Also works perfectly with both XP and Vista! I don't use anything else.

I've used 90% of free and 'paid for' burning programs out there and ONES is top of the pile!, undoubtedly!

Sadly, it is not in circulation anymore. I stumbled across and read somewhere that it has a predecessor but can't find the information now.