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2009-11-20, 04:11 PM
I need help with burned cds playing in my car player. JAY
Long time downloader/uploader. commercial cds play fine but my burnt ones won't. just changed the toyota factory 6 disc player out for a toyota single disc player. never had a problem before but now...
the burnt ones play the first and sometimes a few more tracks, but then the counter flashes and ejects the cd with error message 1
do I need to burn with a different program? (using Nero 6) or different media?, or different file format?

2009-11-20, 04:17 PM
what kinda files are on the cds..aiff? mp3? flac?

2009-11-20, 04:26 PM
thanks for responding daddyrayoll. I have always converted my downloaded flac files to 1411 kb/sec wave files using flacfrontend. Then burn these with Nero 6 to my cd-r media. No problem in the past playing these on aftermarket players or the 6 disc JBL player that WAS in my wifes Solara. I changed out the player to a single disc toyota factory player because I was having problems with the changer mechanism messing up. Now with this single disc player, commercial cds play just fine all the way through. My burnt cds start playing the first track, and sometimes a few more tracks, but then don't read the next track and eject the disc. Help!! Thanks, JAY

2009-11-20, 04:27 PM
Do I need to change the media? the music file format? the burning software? HELP. JAY

2009-11-20, 05:45 PM
are you burning disc at once and closing/finalizing the disc?

you could try a different media, like TY.

if none of this works, a cheap single disc unit on ebay wouldn't cost that much....

2009-11-20, 06:02 PM
some of the new auto players have some probs with cdr's. mine (ford 6 disc) will play them, but the time counter doesn't display correctly. sometimes it advances some, but will generally just sit there registering some time without moving.

2009-11-20, 06:25 PM
Thanks for input. I am burning disc at once and finalizing. I realize an aftermarket player would have no problem but this factory refurbished single disc player is compatible with the factory installed premium sound system. I've been told by installers that a new aftermarket player would require also changing out the amp and speakers since the factory ones are 2 ohm. Since the commercial cds I have play just fine, I figured the problem was with the media, the burning software, or the file format. Thanks for any further input. JAY

2009-11-20, 06:40 PM
Good luck. The last thing I can think of is to ask toyota if their player supports CD-R playback. If they say it does, then say that you're having a problem with CD-R playback and want a new unit, or a different model that would support it.

2009-11-20, 06:41 PM
the fact the the player will play for a few tracks suggests that what you are burning is out of alignment some kinda way... I am a mac guy so I don't know what is what with pcs but I have had a few cdrs that loose there place and/or begin to generate digi noise...can you play those discs on any other player besides yer computer?

2009-11-20, 06:51 PM
daddyrayoll, yes they have always played fine on my car's aftermarket player AND on my wife's car's previous JBL 6 disc factory installed player. I had to switch to the factory model single disc player because I kept having trouble with the 6 disc player messing up with disc loading/unloading. This single disc player IS compatible with her factory installed JBL premium system, but the burned cds are now not playing all the way thru. Also if I use the "skip" button on the player to advance to the next track, it ALWAYS kicks the disc out. Thanks for the input. JAY

2009-11-20, 10:40 PM
I just installed a new Pioneer single disc player in my FORD and have no problems with any of my discs.