View Full Version : Tags can not have delimiters error

2009-11-16, 09:04 PM
i can not upload a torrent because of this error
yet i am not putting any tages
the tag array is auto filling the blank when i try to post the thread

EDIT - it wasn't the tag line - it was the artist name

2009-11-16, 09:12 PM
You're trying to use an unauthorized character in that field. Upload it without any characters, I'll fix it afterwards.

2009-11-16, 09:31 PM
turns out it was the "," in medeski, martin, and wood
i was caught off guard though because it said tag so i thought it ment the tag line

2009-11-16, 10:05 PM
yeah, we should probably fix that now that we have tags on the same form...

thanks for letting us know

first, a sammich. :thumbsup