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2009-11-15, 09:15 AM
Anyone know of an easy way to get these files into a format I can burn as DVD Video? Thanks in advance for the help....

2009-11-15, 09:40 AM
this m4v/mp4 converter is free (http://download.cnet.com/Pazera-Free-MP4-to-AVI-Converter/3000-2194_4-10784027.html?tag=mncol)

2009-11-15, 11:43 AM
Handbrake is another that'll do it [as long as the m4v files don't have DRM]

2009-11-15, 03:13 PM
Handbrake'll go the other way (MPEG-2 -> MPEG-4) but not what the OP wants.

2009-11-15, 05:19 PM
PQ Video suite (includes PQ DVD) will do it for you...

also, the protected flavour is usually .M4P, I think - but, of course there are alwasy exceptions.

2009-11-16, 12:50 AM
I wouldn't bother authoring a DVD, especially if it is high definition resolution. mpeg4 compresses smaller and with higher quality than mpeg2. So in order to author a DVD, you will have to bloat the size and re-encode it, which will lose quite a bit of quality. You could watch it on your PC or stream it to an HDTV as is, or author a blu ray.

2009-11-16, 12:53 AM
will a bluray player play m4v if it isn't h.264?

2009-11-16, 12:56 AM
hmmm, not sure. :hmm: DVDs are so 1998 though. Why needlessly bloat the size and lose quality?