View Full Version : ISO: Recording Audio from CC using Linux

2009-11-15, 04:38 AM

I got a compact cassette with music and I want to digitalize (? right word ?) it.

I got a tape deck which also has line out (cinch) and my laptop (no pc with a real soundkarte here :() has a line in (real line in, no mic).

My idea:
Play the cassette and record it using my laptop.

My question:
Which software shall I use to record it. Any suggestions? At the moment I am planning to use Audacity, which is a linux software (I am a linux user).

Or shall I better boot windows and use tool xyz?

I am looking forward to suggestions :D


PS: Sorry for my crappy english ;)
PSē: I am not sure if the tapers forum or this forum is the better place, please move the thread if I picked the wrong one.

2009-11-15, 11:44 AM
no need to boot windows, audacity will work fine

2009-11-17, 06:58 AM
Ah cool, I will give it a try and post the result if it worked ;)