View Full Version : BAD Trader: geo70

2009-11-14, 07:40 AM
I began a trade with Geo70 (George Dun). He seemed to have a good reputation and have a great tradelist. I asked for this video :

W.A.S.P Monsters Of Rock/Donnington,England 8/22/92 50mins TV/PRO VG+ (proshot quality concert)

He got the 2 videos he asked from me, I got 1 video and he was never able to send me this one.

First, he sent a WASP interview of 20 mins. I sent it back. He said this time he will send "the correct one" !! I received the audience shot version instead of the PROSHOT I have always asked. Now he ask me to not send it back !!! And doesn't answer anymore.
He has 20 years of experience in the trade, so I don't believe he cannot make the difference between a proshot and an audience shot concert.

I am very angry, it's a swindling.

OK ! He has responded. He won't do anything for me, and he has lied on his tradelist. BAD TRADER !!!