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2005-05-27, 12:13 AM
I know this probably belongs on an ABC forum, but I'm too lazy to register for one tonight when someone here must know the answer.

I just switched to ABC from BitTornado. I want to upload shows that I have already downloaded to get my ratio up (and help the poor leechers out, etc.). With BitTornado this is no problem, but I can't seem to do it in ABC if I have renamed the original folder that the files are in. Everytime I try, the program starts downloading the show from scratch rather than recognizing that I already have it. Any ideas? I'd rather no have to keep the shows in their original folders for archiving purposes.


2005-05-27, 07:48 AM
I don't think it matters what client you use - you still won't be able to upload if you change the name of the folder.

EVERYTHING must be as it was downloaded in order to upload.

For archiving purposes, you'll have to make yourself a copy and alter that copy for your archives. I like to use my own naming conventions too, but I keep a copy of what I download "as-is" so that I may reseed in the future.

EDIT: The torrent file contains the file/folder names along with other info. If anything is changed from what the torrent has, then it won't work and you'll start the download again.

2005-05-27, 11:28 AM
Thanks, Ted. I am actually seeding a show with a different folder name with BitTornado right now. When I open the torrent file I just redirect it to the folder where it currently exists and everything works. I guess BitTornado may be the anomaly. Has anybody been able to do this in ABC (or another program)?

2005-05-27, 11:54 AM
I'm wondering if we are talking about the same 'folder'. If a torrent creates a folder names 'U22005-03-28' and puts all the flac files in there, that folder must keep the same name. However, if you first created that folder in another folder called 'Download' and then when you are finished, you want to put it in a folder called 'Completed', then that is perfectly fine. You just need to redirect your client to where you have moved the folder.

2005-05-31, 01:10 AM
I use ABC, and I rename the archived folders, so I would have the same problem when reseeding. What I do is restart the torrent I want to reseed, let it connect just briefly enough to set the folder up and the files it wants to download, pause the torrent, and then copy into this folder the files that I have already downloaded. Restart the torrent and it will find that it is now 100 percent and you will then begin to seed the show.

2005-05-31, 01:26 AM
I'm using bittornado via torrentstorm... it always works when I rename the folder, its just the files that cause trouble. sometimes if there's extra files when it begins checking it creates a folder within the folder which is a pain.

sorry not sure about the ABC thing