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2009-10-30, 05:13 AM
i have had a member complain about my posts, yet because all my shows are from old trades, i am mostly unable to give complete lineage info (i.e. from memory: sbd > ? > cdr from trade > xACT > yada yada. My discs from trade are all aiff then i translate to flac or shn (NEVER mp3). I want to share but i have gotten shit from a few members. I know that all the shows i post are lossless but my inability to accurately trace the lineage makes me feel like a noob ( not so... check my ratio). Should I Stop upping? I still have a lot of stuff i would like to share, but i hate the flack i get (no pun intended). PLEASE ANYONE give me your opinion. I have many shows from trade but limited info. The shows i have upped have been kosher with the mods, but i don't want to piss on anyone's cheerios. plz help me become a better trader because do love TTD SO much.


2009-10-30, 07:56 AM
typically if a show is more recent &/or there are known direct transfers circulating, then people frown upon disc extracted sources, as the burning/extraction process can alter the files/introduce glitches/etc

what the member was saying in that recent phish "clifford ball" u/l of yers is that there are known copies of that show in circulation that don't have a CDR > xACT extraction in the lineage, so maybe you shouldn't seed the "inferior" extracted version

i'd say do some research first and only seed yer CDR > xACT shows if there isn't a direct transfer version circulating already