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2009-10-24, 09:38 PM
I set up a 10 disk trade with Jon around the 6th Sept. I contacted him first so, I posted first on the 18th Sept. After this point I have had no contact with Jon. I have sent 2 messages asking if he has recieved my package, 1 to his email and 1 here which is still unread, but, it shows his last activity was today @<hidden> 11:45. So, with no communication I feel i've been ripped off and hes a bad trader.

I'd gladly change this if Jon would give me a reply and send me my disks.

2011-12-08, 07:00 AM
I wish I saw this thread earlier... I set up a a trade with Jon, everything went well until I get my dvds, One was corrupted and 4 were missing. Since then, he doesn't reply to my messages anymore.
I will give him a last chance to send me the discs before listing him as a bad trader on my site...

2012-02-15, 08:49 AM
So Jon get back to me saying that he was also disappointed by the trade we made. He said I sent him hi-generated dvds and an official release. I replied that I post screenshots of the shows I trade, and that he knows what to expect. The official release was bullshit, I don't trade official releases. He then replied that he made a mistake and was talking about another trader. I told him ok, so then send me the 4 missing dvds + a replacement for the corrupted disc. He never get back to me. Be careful, don't trade with this guy.
JTCelica / Jon Tyndall. He lives in Essex Junction, Vermont.

2012-02-18, 07:30 PM
We traded a couple years ago, and everything was fine except for one thing: He put a rubber band around the discs, and just put them in a plastic bag. It would've been ok if he put each disc in it's own little bag, but he had all the discs touching each other. They all worked fine, but some were scratched.

2012-07-12, 11:01 PM
I've lost 33 DVDs with this fucker too.