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2004-11-23, 02:20 AM
I've read all the FAQs on raindawg's site and when I drag and drop my shn folder into the batch file I get a bunch of messages that basically say "this file may be unsupported, truncated, or otherwise corrupt" and "decoder program 'shorten' may not have been found verify it is installed and in your PATH"

I followed directions as to how to find my path -- first I tried to install in c:\windows -- shntool was working but wouldn't check shns. Then I tried placing it on c:\windows\system32 -- still nothing.

Can someone tell me EXACTLY what files I need to have installed and where to install them in order for it to check my shns that I want to seed?

BTW, I don't know what info is relevant, however, I'm running winXP. If you need more info just let me know. TIA for any and all help. Slo.

2004-11-23, 07:28 AM

This happens when you have not installed an updated copy of cygwin1.dll. If you downloaded the shntool.exe zip file, it will have been included in there. There is a copy of it in there, but the one that comes with WinXP is not the version shntool uses (don't ask me why, this level of programming is above my comprehension). Make sure, in your C:\windows directory you have shntool.exe, the updated cygwin1.dll, and a copy of shorten.exe and you'll be able to work with shn file.

You can also doublecheck that C:\windows is included as part the PATH by opening a command line window and typing:
echo %PATH%

If it doesn't show up in the list of directories (it should) then running the batch files I made won't work since they assume that the executables are located in an accepted PATH folder.

If this doesn't work, please post back and I'll try to diagnose it further.

2004-11-23, 11:59 PM
I redownloaded cygwin1.dll from etree -- nothing. i tried to re-d/l from the link on your site -- nada. Still getting the same msg. Maybe there are files I need to delete before retrying? I'm really without a clue here. C:\windows is in my path. :hmm:

2004-11-24, 09:02 AM
First, as far as I understand it, you have gotten shntool working, right now, with FLAC and/or APE files, but not with SHN? If so, I would say shntool is installed correctly and either cygwin1.dll or shorten.exe are outdated or missing.

So, let's start at the beginning, go step by step, and let's troubleshoot this thing.

1. Delete shorten.exe, shntool.exe, and cygwin1.dll from your PATH (c:\windows)

2. Click on the above link and download the windows .zip of shntool 2.0.3
3. Extract both shntool.exe and cygwin1.dll from that zip file and place them into C:\windows
4. Download the newest version of shorten.exe from the "Windows Binary" column of that same page. Place it into C:\Windows.

You'll now have the appropraite copies of each of those three files in your PATH. At this point, the batch files I've written for my page should work. If not, please give me feedback of exactly what happens when you try to run them (ie no cmd window pops up, it does but hangs, it does but give error message "xxxx", etc)

I gather than flac and ape are working for you now, so you won't need to download the binaries for that from the above etree page.

Also, on a side note, I am currently building a new shntool frontend that will act as both an installer and a graphical interface for doing all of the common shntool tasks. It won't be out for a little while yet, but know that something is coming if you can't get it working...


2004-11-25, 12:58 PM
Thanks bro, that last bit of info worked. I don't think that I had the newest version of shorten.exe from the "Windows Binary" column placed in the right PATH before. I have a full house right now, so perhaps a little later I can seed that OAITW. Happy Turkey Day -- you da man Dawg!. (BTW, you should make a sticky out of those last instructons that you gave me -- I bet others will find them useful.)

2004-11-25, 08:34 PM
Glad to hear that it worked. I've been trying to get a good step-by-step guide for people to install shntool with, but it seems like everyone has different problems that it can become tought. In your case, you just needed to delete an old file and replace it with a newer version, but many, many people get hung up just figuring out what the hell a path is.

I am trying to get around all this by building an shntool installer and frontend....until then, it's going to be a bit of trial and error I think.

BTW, thanks for the OAITW! Downloading it now. Hope the holiday is going well for you.....

2013-02-20, 08:09 PM
OK it's 2013 I like to use bat files for shorten even though theirs tlh so I find out shorten will not work with windows 7. I can get it to work for wave files but it will not work with helper programs flac and shn. Maybe the cygwin1.dll needs to be updated for os7 ? Ofcourse I have done everything concerning the exe files and placing them in the path which in my case is windows/system32/wbem . Their is no update for os 7 and maybe this good old software is dying out however I would like to see it updated so if anyone knows how to do that or any way to make this work on os7 please give the answer here.