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2009-10-16, 04:54 PM
Not even certain this is the correct forum for this note but here it goes.

Been away from the community for several years. I recognise several mods which is kinda cool.

As I just mentioned to JR Ewing, I spent the afternoon beating back a firewall. A new firewall, a better firewall, a broooowwnn firewall. It's been two OS since I had to do this as well. In any event, it did not occur to me till I got an unrelated email from JR that I should bop on over here. Is this synchronicity or did the TD brain trust know somehow . . . (cue creepy theremin).

Same thing happened for me 5 years ago. I spent an afternoon beating my head against the wall on DaD and resolved my issues in minutes as soon as I checked out the TD documentation. 'Twas U2Lynne as far as I can remember at that time. The doc is still user-friendly and as specific as need be.

Good to be back.

Again, apologies if this is not the correct forum for my message, I'm just so damned happy to get things straightened out. Had to let the mods and techies know that TD rocks in the doc dept. as always.

2009-10-16, 11:21 PM
Glad you are up and running in the green again!

2009-10-17, 09:57 AM
werd, welcome back

2009-10-19, 02:17 AM
thanks a lot, & welcome back! :wave:

2009-10-19, 10:15 AM
hey, how's it goin' ?