View Full Version : Is Comcast interrupting service to me for uploading too much?

2009-10-02, 09:12 AM
Or is it my new Apple router? (I'm on a PC).

Every evening at 1 AM, I open my torrents and when I get up I'm disconnected.

Anyone else having this issue? I am on a 5 year old laptop that has spent most of its life on and uploading data to TTD, Dime, Oink.

This has been a problem for me since the beginning of the summer


2009-10-02, 09:24 AM
I thought Comcast stopped doing that? I'm not sure though since I don't have Comcast.

When you say you are disconnected, do you mean your internet is disconnect and you have to reboot the router?

2009-10-02, 09:43 AM
My internet service stalls, or so it seems.

My housemates who do not use BT and are MAC, are not experiencing any connectivity problems at all.

2009-10-02, 09:50 AM
I had comcast for years and never experienced any type of problems with them throttling my speeds for any reason and I up and downloaded plenty.

sounds like a firewall issue, (i've read this at the portforwarding.com page) some routers have their own firewall settings if they are not set to except incoming connections you may be getting stopped there.

2009-10-02, 09:59 AM
My ports for BT are open. When I am connected I am not firewalled.

I have been disconnected 4 of the past 5 evenings

I am thinking that my 5 year old heavily used Intel Pro Wireless in my computer maybe failing.

I day trade stocks and
I use Ameritrades stock streamer during the day and I get interruptions with that as well and when that occurs it can cost me money.

Ameritrade is NOTORIOUSLY unreliable and never admit that their system sucks!

2009-10-05, 04:49 PM
if I'm not mistaken Cumcast quit throttling bandwidth a while ago; I believe there is a 250gig /month limit that is re-peated every 30 days!

Waldo Jeffers
2009-10-08, 12:14 PM
Check your connections and see if you can get the modem closer to the cable hub coming into the house. Over the past year, I've had to move my modem from the top floor, to the bottom floor right at the hub in order to get my connection to stay online. I think it's because they have started using bandwidth for more HD content or something.

All I know is about 10 months ago, my connection would drop out about every hour or so. I thought they were disconnecting me as well because I was using BT, but once I moved the modem, it has worked flawlessly.

If you can't move the modem to a different room, try using a shorter cable. Also having a splitter will cause interference as well, so try not to use it.

If you keep having problems, make them come out and see what you are dealing with. It's something they have done to the network that is causing the problems, so they should fix it.

2009-10-12, 10:57 PM
I think we have disruptions of the signal here in Maryland. Some nights I make IT thru no problem but others I get disconnected at some point between 1 AM and 10 AM when I awake. When I have an interruption of the signal, my U Torrent does not reconnect.

Oh well. I'm certainly not suffering a lack of choice when it comes to what DVD should I view tonight