View Full Version : Error when attaching a 24 bit torrent file

2009-09-30, 04:04 AM
Trying to upload a new torrent and I'm getting an error on the torrent file attachment.

The attachment is patbenatar2009-08-26.4023.flac24.torrent and its size is 32kb.

2009-09-30, 09:31 AM
Right off the bat, I'm wondering if maybe it doesn't like the extra . (period) in there, or if the name is too long. However, I just checked and there are lots of torrents with more than one period in them, so that's not it. Quick count shows 40 characters in the name, but I see one with way more than that.....

Do you remember what the exact error was that you got?

You had this problem before and then it suddenly worked and we didn't look any further into it. :hmm:

You know what.... it's on the tracker... so, perhaps you clicked Upload for the torrent, then closed the window for some reason? And then tried attaching it again and it gave you an error? I've deleted it from the tracker now, so you should be able to upload it.