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2009-09-22, 04:41 AM
Hello fellers
I have a DVD which I wish to work on it...
Well the DVD doesn't have any menu neither chapters
plus the audio is out of sync.

what I'm trying to do is:
I'm willing to "convert and join" the VOB files into 1 big mpeg2 file
then import that mpeg2 file into Vegas where I can sync properly the audio to the video.
Then create the new edited video and open it in DVD Architect to create a good menu and do the chaptering.

I've already used VOBmerge which created 1 big VOB file but when I had to import that VOB file into Vegas it would show on the timeline 5 minutes. But the big VOB file when watched with media player classic it shows 1 hour 33 minutes and plays it all.

my questions are:
1) For Syncing the audio adequately to the video
Is there any software that can let me "convert and join" those VOB files into 1 big mpeg2 file ? (so that I can sync trough Vegas)
Or Is there any software which will let me resync the audio directly without that "Convert and join" process?

2)For Re-Authoring a DVD
Does DVD Architect let me do a direct reauthoring of a non authored DVD ?
Menus with DVD architect are really great so I don't wish to use TMPGenc DVD Author cause I don't want simple menus...

Thanks in advance

2009-09-22, 06:23 PM
give this a shot-

demux the merged VOB with tmpgenc xpress

remux the m2v and your audio with tmpgenc xpress to mpeg2 program stream, but don't throw away the m2v

drag the mpg into vegas and work on the sync. trim if necessary to the same length or smaller than the video panel. if the audio is smaller than the video after resyncing, any blank space will be filled with silence, but it will be the right length after rendering.

then render only the audio as wav, and then remux this new audio with the original m2v. re-encoding the video would take hours, reduce the quality, and isn't allowed.

then you can drag your newly synced mpg into tmpgenc dvd-author

can you reauthor an mpeg2 with dvd architect without re-encoding? I'm not sure.

2009-09-22, 10:50 PM
Seems interesting ...
but that should take some good amount of time because I don't have tmpgenc xpress

I'll give it a try and then let you know about the results


2009-09-25, 05:26 PM
VideoRedo can join vobs, and adjust sync (sometimes the vob needs a "quickstream fix" if the file time looks messed up) http://www.videoredo.net/msgBoard/showthread.php?t=5732

2009-09-28, 03:45 AM
VideoRedo can join vobs, and adjust sync (sometimes the vob needs a "quickstream fix" if the file time looks messed up) http://www.videoredo.net/msgBoard/showthread.php?t=5732

Well peaktime,
I tried tmpgenc xpress the trial version, the process does take time plus it was trial so I was getting the watermark over the video so I didn't continue working with it.

And like Ziggzzster mentioned VideoRedo
I always had that software but I had to use it just for spiltting
but the result with VideoRedo was really great and fast
I was even able to do the syncing through VideoRedo and joined the VOB files into 1 big MPEG2 file.
So I got the whole show synced as MPEG2 and was able to open it with DVD architect and do the chaptering plus menu.

But Ziggzzster I have a question:
for syncing I did sync by choosing -327 ms but the maximum is -1000 ms or +1000ms.
In case we have something which is more than +/-1000ms out of sync then what we should do ?

Thank you very much both :D

2009-09-30, 03:09 AM
Good question, I've only needed to use the sync feature once.
Maybe sync it twice or more if necessary?

2009-09-30, 09:23 AM
that's what I taught so

Thanks :)