View Full Version : dvd burner speed issue?

2009-09-15, 02:22 PM
Hi All
Just got a new Freecom external dual layer dvd burner,its a simple plug and play model...no software to install etc
Now ive started to burn dvd's from it using dvd clone and nero i have the drive speed set at x1 (to avoid any issues) but for some reason the discs are being burnt at 16x :hmm:
ive set the drive burner speed with both nero and clone and even the drive settings via my computer but still wont reduce the burn speed any idea's :hmm:
Cheers for any help

2009-09-15, 04:17 PM
What speed are the dvd's.

2009-09-16, 01:34 AM
Verbatim 1 - 16x dvd-r

2009-09-16, 08:20 AM
I don't know if that's the problem, but I use Verbatim 2.4 DVD+R DL.

2009-09-16, 06:03 PM
let the computer negotiate the best burn speed
your equipment is probably not calibrated for the record speeds you requested.
the slow burn is a myth :google: