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2009-09-14, 01:03 PM
I need your help on this one guys.

I did a trade with someone on another board a month ago. I have yet to receive my DVD's from them. I sent my DVD's at the same time.

For the past two weeks, I have e-mailed this person asking if they got my DVD's. No response. Over the past week, I e-mailed them again to let them know I was still waiting on my DVD's from them. Still no response.

The DVD's were coming from Canada. I did another trade with someone on this board who also lives in Canada about the same time I sent this other person's DVD's. I received his DVD's in a week, along with an International Trade as well, which I have also since received.

I am willing to give benefit of the doubt about a shipping delay due to it being from Canada. However, I am concerned about the non-response to my e-mails from this person. Though I gave this trader my e-mail address, he chose to do all his correspondence with me on the actual board, so I do not have a personal e-mail address for him at all.

What makes this most awkward of all- the person I traded with is a Board Moderator! How embarrassing would it be to put up a questionable trader post on a board moderator? Then again, how much longer should I wait? It's been a month. I am willing to wait longer, but I am concerned that I have not received one response from this person since they said they sent my DVD's out. I know things happen and I hope they are ok.

Any advice people? Thanks!


2009-09-14, 01:50 PM
Has the mod logged into the site lately? Have you thought about PMing the admin and asking if he knows if there are some personal issues perhaps that are going on that would perhaps cause the mod to avoid reading/responding to the PMs at this moment?

2009-09-14, 02:43 PM
(hey alright I know about that!)

2009-09-14, 04:07 PM
Thanks for the tip Lynne. I did e-mail the board administrator. As for the trader/moderator's last activity on the board, it only lists it as "last week" with no specific date. It does appear that this person read my e-mails. I waited two weeks before I wrote my first inquiring e-mail and in the past month, it has only been 3 e-mails to them total, one a week after my first one. So I will see what happens. Thanks again!

2009-09-14, 08:13 PM
not returning emails is a red flag and stinks on ice :mad:

Digital Dragon
2009-09-17, 03:40 AM
Is the trader named Rob by any chance?

2009-09-17, 12:21 PM
Actually MY name is Rob. Are you Dave? If so, please contact me via PM.

Digital Dragon
2009-09-19, 10:27 AM
Hey Rob i got your message but i am not the guy you are looking for :)

I was contacted by a guy named Rob from Canada that wanted to work out a trade but he keeps putting me off for some reason - strangely enough he has only 50 or so shows on DVD but all 2009 which is pretty impressive or fishy considering he has not much to trade. Anyway i gave him my wants and he keeps putting me off so now i am starting to wonder about his intentions.
Hope you find the guy that gave you the runaround - I also hate dishonest traders that deal in bullshit and garbage . . .

Especially a fellow Canadian - shame on the asshole !!!!! :rock:

2009-09-21, 03:19 PM
[QUOTE=Digital Dragon;1254819
Especially a fellow Canadian - shame on the asshole !!!!! :rock:[/QUOTE]

Well that last sentence made me laugh Dave, thank you. I PM'd you as well.

I went back to this guy's profile on the tape city board and he had a MySpace link on his page, which was also linked to his Facebook page and which also listed his e-mail address. I e-mailed him on Saturday and so far, no response, and obviously no discs, but I am willing to be a little more patient. From this guy's on-line profile, he doesn't SEEM to be the type to rip people off (especially if he's a board moderator). He has a band and perhaps is just busy. I'll see if there's any response by the end of the week.

Thanks again for all the kind words and advice.


2010-04-29, 06:26 PM
Well I thought I would be fair and do a follow-up post since there was an odd outcome to this.

I never heard from the trader and figured I lost a few DVD's. I was pissed but life goes on.

Last week, 8 MONTHS AFTER I SENT OUT THE DISCS, THEY WERE RETURNED IN THE MAIL TO ME! I couldn't believe that my original envelope with the August 17th Mail date was returned to me after so long. The envelope contained no markings or stamps from the post office, somebody in Black Magic Marker simply wrote "Return to Sender". So I don't know what happened, if perhaps it took 8 months for MY DISCS to make it there and if the recipient simply sent them back or what.

I have no regrets with the Bad Trader Posts I made on the board though, as this person never once contacted me after we made the initial trade AND with him saying he mailed my Discs (which I never received). That makes him look like a Liar. After 6 weeks, what was I suppossed to think?

Anyhow, I passed on the return discs to someone who will enjoy them- didn't ask for anything in return.

End of story...