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Aimee Wilbury
2009-09-07, 08:36 AM
Okay, so I had a working VOB, and I tried DVDAuthorGUI.

A few oddities:
The buttons to go to the chapters were meant to go around the pictures. In the actual menu, they're about halfway up the picture!


Second, the audio plays fine when I play the VOB directly from the Video_TS folder. But there's no audio when you go through the menu. :hmm:

Any ideas?

2009-09-07, 03:12 PM
needs proper linking of the files and a proper placement of the menu buttons attributes

Aimee Wilbury
2009-09-08, 06:20 AM
Im not sure what you mean.

2009-09-08, 08:30 PM
Usually that is a sign that the current directshow mpeg decoders are not displaying the frame correctly when using the menu editor. (Usually caused by windvd's decoder) You can try reinstalling DVDAuthorGUI, and selecting the 'GPL Mpeg2 decoder' for installation. This will install a new mpeg2 decoder which works very well with DVDAuthorGUI's menu editor.

You also have the option to install avisynth (avisynth.org), and go to 'tools' and select 'use alt preview decoder'. Using this method, you don't have to install another mpeg2 decoder.

I'm not sure about your audio problem. I would take a guess that your dvd player (or software player) doesn't like the audio format.

If you have any other problems with DVDAuthorGUI, feel free to email me at the address on my (DVDAuthorGUI's) homepage.

Aimee Wilbury
2009-09-09, 09:23 PM
Thank you!