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2009-07-30, 02:34 PM

I've had a look around for a few minutes on here and haven't managed to find anything about grading.

Basically, I've been slowly building up my DVD collection in the last few years, but I'm now looking at DVD trading a bit more, so I need to become a bit more savvy with the sort of info that traders use.

I'm a bit confused about grading - are there any generally accepted guidelines about it? I mean, obviously A+ is top quality, but how far down does it go really? Is something like C grade average, or does it mean absolute crap?

If there are any threads / pages on grading, feel free to gimme the link!



2009-07-30, 03:04 PM
To each their own it seems, there is no standard scale... :D

Grading is whatever you want it to be. One mans Ex+ can be another's C- can be another's completionists only... have fun w/ that.

2009-08-02, 06:24 PM
^ what X said.

I pay little attention to grading. If someone says it's crap, or for completists only, you can usually trust that. :) As far as higher grades, it's all a matter of opinion.