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2009-07-29, 04:34 PM
i'm new here but thats not important

i would like to know if a Philips Voice Recorder would record a concert?

2009-07-30, 03:41 PM
It would...but I doubt if you would want to listen to it after.:D

2009-07-30, 05:02 PM
Right, the mic won't be able to take the volume.

2009-07-30, 09:38 PM
oh ok then


2009-07-30, 09:52 PM
Welcome :wave:
Find your way to the lounge :D

2009-08-04, 09:56 PM
this is slightly related, any one know a method of testing a mic's max sound pressure level with out having a gage? i have some mic's but I'm not sure if they could take the sound level. also i don't know what kinda mics they are so i can't find out on the internet lol

2009-08-05, 11:56 AM
take your rig out to record a bar band. choose a venue/band that likes it TOO LOUD, where the volume in the place hurts your ears as much or more than a stadium gig (happens all the time!). then try taping that, if you can adjust the levels so that it is not distorting you will be fine for the big shows, if not then get some new mics & try again.

I saw trooper at the hard rock here in toronto a couple years ago and it was louder than Metallica or any stadium show I've ever been to :lol: I mean it was LOUD to the point where I had to stand way way way at the back and couldn't really enjoy the show. if your mics can handle that kind of a show you're good to go.

2009-08-05, 01:16 PM
Five is a cool dude :wave:

I still owe you a PM answer, sorry bro!

btw, Do you own any RUDES ??

2009-08-05, 04:08 PM
Five - the best place to hear Trooper is...well, there really isn't a good place, they are without a doubt the worst Canadian band ever.:D

2009-08-06, 11:09 PM
were the last 2 talking to me?

and i was reading some stuff in the lounge like the 2008 secret santa

classy place over there

i will fit in just fine lol.

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2009-08-09, 04:26 AM
Motorhead would probably be a good test. But hey, you can always try using a Dictaphone! ;)

2009-08-09, 10:34 AM
Thanks Five, I tried that (well kinda) and it turned out fantastic actually. Best recording I've ever made. It's just to bad they're a little big for stealth lol