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2009-07-29, 07:28 AM
Hey Guys,

I'm not entirely sure this is the right place to put this but I couldn't think of anywhere better!

A month ago I set up a "Questionable Trader" thread here:

Basic background is this guy contacts me out of nowhere, asks for a 10 disk trade and to tell him when his shows are on their way, before even knowing my half of the trade. I sent him back a list of what I wanted and ask him when he is sending, etc and get nothing back.

Almost 2 months later I figure he was obviously trying to rip me off so I set up the thread here and deleted everything to do with him.


Now, another month after the thread appeared on here, he has sent me a load of shows. 3 months down the line, having heard nothing since the original emails requesting a trade. The disks are good quality, although one of them is an official release. Problem is, after 3 months with no communication nor disks, I no longer have his email address or the shows he requested.

Like I said, he contacted me directly via email, not through any trading sites, so when I thought he was a scam I just deleted his request! So what do I do now? Although 1 of his shows was an official release, and although it took him 3 months with no communication whatsoever, he has at long last kept his side of the deal, so I technically now owe him a bunch of shows but have no way of contacting him to actually refresh what our trade was!

I have searched through other trading sites and his name doesn't come up on any of them. The only thing I can think of is just to wait until he contacts me to find out where his disks are then try to explain things but then that may put me into a bad light?!

Any ideas?!

2009-07-29, 07:57 AM
I read the other thread. Italian customs can be horrible. It can take a package a month or more to clear. So he may not have taken his time as much as you might think.

While you should have hung on to the email, not much you can do now.

The only thing I can think of is just to wait until he contacts me to find out where his disks are then try to explain things but then that may put me into a bad light?!

That's pretty much it.

2009-07-29, 09:33 AM
The OP should be the subject of a "Questionable trader" thread now


2009-07-29, 01:47 PM
It is a shame he didn't at least email you a status update in the 3 month period. I'd tell him (when he emails you again) the truth... That it had been 3 months and you figured the email address must be no good and deleted it.
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2009-07-29, 05:12 PM
Thanks for the replies.

rspencer: I have heard that Italian customs can take a while but there wasn't even a reply to the email I sent back with the shows I wanted to finalise the trade, nor to a couple of follow up emails I sent, hence the presumption that the deal was either off or a scam.

Thanks again for the replies (Yes, even Homebrew101 :))

2009-07-29, 05:23 PM
Just checked the envelope he sent the disks in, where postage is marked as 18th July 2009. So Italian customs actually got the package here quite quickly, and he did indeed take months to send, with no communication.

2009-07-29, 05:25 PM
some traders can be...

2009-07-31, 01:53 AM
Is there a return address on the envelope? Why not write him a letter and mail it to him?

2009-07-31, 06:48 AM
Nice one, cheers. Never thought of that for some reason! That's better than waiting around for an email from him.

Thanks :)

2009-08-01, 10:42 AM
Even better, another trader here had his email address so I have been able to contact him.

Thanks again for all the replies.