View Full Version : Help, this is bad

2009-07-16, 01:35 PM
Hey, I have no visited this site in a looong time.
Now, I'm back, I downloaded a Black Sabbath video... ok
It finished two days ago...

I'm not downloading nothing else. And my ratio is going down :hmm:
Yesterday I had 0.70, I want to recover it to 1, but it's getting down somehow...


2009-07-16, 02:02 PM
Your account has only connected with a single IP, so it isn't likely someone else is using your account...

the Sabbath torrent was 1GB...

you have also recently downloaded this Nirvana video:

which is 5GB.

You are still connected to both..

the 5GB would certainly drain down your ratio.

Is it possible you sent someone a *.torrent file for the Nirvana video so they could download? They are personalized to your account and if you do that, it eats away your ratio if they don't seed 1:1...