View Full Version : Bad trader: victimofchanges

2009-06-29, 03:36 PM
i see she has come here to look for some trades..:mad:

she is:

Paulene Nicholas
Hawkes Bay
New Zealand


we agreed on a trade back in february, and since i was the one who suggested the trade, so i sent first.. I know she got the dvds i sent, because she listed them on her list. But i never received anything from her..:mad:

she made some excuses, that the discs won't burn... funniest thing is that at one point she mails me

" have copied two of your dvd requests JP Spain 1988 & JP Reno 1990

I have had no luck copying the other 3..
will you pick 3 others from my list

sorry for inconvience"

i never even wanted the two she had already copied :hmm:

anyways, nothing received and i told her that i will let people know that she is a bad trader...


2009-06-29, 03:53 PM
Thanks for the heads up K.P I will be mindful if I get any contact from this person.

2009-06-29, 04:01 PM
Wow, I made my second trade with her in February too and I got her discs, however she gave me the same "can't copy" excuse on one disc.

Anyway sorry to hear that bro, I hope she send your stuff

2009-06-29, 04:07 PM
actually, i don't even need/want those dvds she owes me anymore
i have got them already from somewhere else :)

it was just a waste of time&money

btw. vic, your stuff went out today...


2009-06-30, 04:00 AM
Koppee 27 You know that I copied 2 out of 4 of the discs you originally asked for, before I had problems, and I told you I had.
emailing you several times..didnt get me anywere, in resolving what you wanted next 2 discs to be.. my last email to you went unanswered.. You have a bad attitude..:mad:

Alexanderdelarge your another one with a bad attitude.. HOW many Trades have I done with you 3 Never any problems.with our trades
Ive Also never had a problem burning until this year., with New software:(
Also VIC your suppossed to be Mod on my web site!!!....You failed to mention that in your earlier post...:down:

2009-06-30, 04:15 AM
don't give me that crap. i have all your (and mine) emails regarding our trade on my home pc, if you want, i can show them here, your call ;)


2009-07-05, 08:32 AM
We traded in last year at MBDB, no problem.

2009-07-05, 09:37 AM
i see she has come here to look for some trades..:mad:

she is:

Paulene Nicholas
Hawkes Bay
New Zealand

Anyone ever see a picture of her? :popcorn: Just curious....

Hope you all had a great 4th of July!!

2009-07-06, 09:50 PM
well i traded twice with VOC there was one issue with a disc so i requested a different show which played fine so no problems with my dealings with her and the website she runs is great also done many good trades there cheers!