View Full Version : HELP! QUICK REPLY???encoding 44.1 16 bit .wav on osx

2009-06-29, 01:22 PM
i know its probally been ask a million time but, what program is good for apple OSX?

a quick reply is needed, thanks in advance

2009-06-29, 01:25 PM
what about audacity?

2009-06-29, 01:26 PM
thank you daddy

im at trax right now... and no way in hell im using itunes

2009-06-29, 01:51 PM
soooo, please help me understand

i pop in a CD and it says that the files are aiff, but, most of there CDs are burned before aiff came about...i think

if i rip them at 16 bit 44.1 wuill i be transencoding, at this point i just feel that its saying its aiff cause its an audio file, and im using an apple, is there anyway to find out what the original sample rate is for these files on the cd?

2009-06-29, 01:57 PM

whats about a taggin program for metadata for apple

i use tag and rename on PC

thanks in advance

2009-06-29, 04:37 PM
If you are extracting audio on a Mac, use XLD. It is the closest you will get to EAC. (I did some tests and got wav files with the same fingerprints as those I did using EAC.) Don't use iTunes and don't use xACT. The link to XLD is in my signature.

aiff is the same as wav only on a Mac it says aiff - simple as that. You may extract to wav or aiff, either will convert to the exact same flac/shn/ape file. Use xACT to convert to flac/shn/ape and to create shntool st5s or flac fingerprints.