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Mr. Brownstone
2005-05-18, 07:32 AM
Hi: I just joined and my first download went quite well. So well that I thought I would try another. But I keep getting an error message- A Torrent by that name is currently open-you cannot open another. I don't see anything "open". Would you please give me some words of wisdom. :(

2005-05-18, 07:37 AM
First question - which BT client are you using?

Mr. Brownstone
2005-05-18, 07:44 AM
Hi and thanks. Downloaded BT from the BT website. My use of terminology leaves something to be desired. My wife told me to stick to mp3 and I said,"that just won't do".


2005-05-18, 03:08 PM
I never used BT, so not familiar with the error.

2005-05-18, 09:24 PM
If you're running windows, it sounds like you might have a BT "process" running in the background. If you reboot the machine, it might clear the problem, or you can use Task Manager to close it.

There are several clients that allow you to run multiple torrents at the same time. Azuereus is currently the most popular, and runs on Java 1.5. All freeware. See: http://azureus.sourceforge.net/

Mr. Brownstone
2005-05-21, 09:35 PM
Thanks very much for the reply. Rebooting was the answer.

2005-05-21, 10:19 PM
Glad to help. Enjoy the tunes.