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2009-06-08, 01:08 PM
I noticed a couple of times that utorrent goes to seeding missing bits of files. When testing files I get: possibly truncated or corrupt. I haven't checked everything I've Dl'ed so I have no idea how often this happens. :( I can only hope that since I seed torrents for so long it picks up the missing pieces. The one I found this morning had 3 corrupt files and it had been seeding for about 6 hours. I had to stop the torrent and force a re-check before the 3 files would fully Dl.

Has anyone else had this problem?

2009-06-08, 01:37 PM

2009-06-12, 08:20 AM
It happened again. Maybe my computer is jacked. I guess I'll check the utorrent site. :hmm:


2009-06-12, 08:39 AM
that is very odd. perhaps its time to run a diag scan on your drive for bad blocks.

2009-06-12, 09:41 AM
Yeah, that's just weird, ep. Try what Craig suggested cuz something is going on.

2009-06-13, 06:15 AM
it's common for flac files to drop pieces..... I NOW verify them everytime I download, burn to DVD or save to an external HD...... Rarely does this happen, but when it does, it sucks BIG time. I am surprised more people have not had the same issue...
Considering I have done this well over a decade and the problem shows itself every once in a while. I highly recommend everyone use the FFP or MD5 or even verify the decodability of all flac downloads as they are done and moved.. Never had this problem with SHN files, but FLAC has been a nightmare. I wish SHN had beaten FLAC...

BUt your problem with Utorrent and the seeding of truncated files will not hurt others who are downloading the same show... In fact, it is not seeding the falsified files only the good files........... though it is clear your files are corrupt or has dropped pieces on its way to your seeding destination.
I had it happen on a couple of my first torrents, but fortunately for me the shows were already saved to DVD where the files were NOT corrupt, but during the transfer to the computer dropped pieces of the flac files....

Oh Yeah...... defragmenting the HD will help a little, but it is my experience that HD's today are not as stable as the HD's of yesterday.... Of course we all knew that was coming.... though no HD is safe from failure.... and there are HD's out there that promote themselves as being very secure and data safe.. I don't know specifics of what makes the difference... the price is 3 times higher than store bought HD's.. Not because of size, but because of its ability.... I'd have to look into it again to provide product links.
or you may be able to do the same research I did to find a fix.

Good Luck !!

2009-06-15, 05:34 PM
Now that you mention it, I have had corrupt flac files after a drive to drive copy. I always run a test before deleting the original files to make certain. I just though it was because my system is a bit older. But I always thought that a client checks for the file bits and there wasn't much to worry about. I'm definitely checking from now on.