View Full Version : Great Trader: physicist666

2009-05-30, 09:27 AM
Martie is a great trader. Fast shipping, great communication and a great bloke all together. Did a 10 disk trade effortlessly. Highly recommended trader!!

Looking forward to doing another trade with him in the near future.

Cheers mate

2009-06-30, 07:31 PM
Just did my first trade with Martie. Really a nice guy. If you´re looking for a good trade this is your man. Thanks

2009-07-13, 06:28 PM
I had the pleasure of trading him several times and he's always correct and had a fast service .
Checks his copies before sending them out .
Good communication and patient .
Never heard about or had any trouble with this guy .

2009-07-28, 05:41 PM
2nd trade is done, perfect like the 1st

2009-10-07, 01:33 AM
Completed our 3rd trade. A+ A+

2010-01-05, 03:28 PM
Great trader!!!! i recomand it! he ship very fast!:cool::D

2010-01-07, 02:24 AM
Completed my first trade with Martie today. Shows were all burnt perfectly and well packaged. :thumbsup

2010-01-25, 11:45 PM
1st trade with Martie! fast shipping, everything perfect

2010-02-13, 05:26 AM
2nd trade was as good as the first one. Great trader!

2010-02-22, 03:45 PM
All i can Said GREAT TRADER!!! 2 time i'm trade with him always received my stuff thank you so much martie when i will be ready i will trade again with you!:D

2010-02-22, 06:37 PM
thank you very much indeed people !
looking forward to more trades in the not too distant future !


2010-03-07, 08:37 AM
Just had a good trading experience with him, good contact, fast shipping and great stuff by the way. Looking forward to trade again with him. Keep up the good work!

2010-03-15, 04:17 PM
What i can say! having a good time for trading with him! ;) no problem with him each time i receive my dvd and I'm happy! :) :) :D

2010-03-19, 11:52 PM
3rd great trade with Martie. Thanks!

2010-03-22, 10:45 AM
Finished my first trade with Martie . Nice guy , very fast and reliable - a highly recommended trader !

2010-05-15, 08:58 AM
Also just finished first trade with Martie. Very efficent. Recomended.

the slider
2011-05-03, 09:40 AM
Martie is a diamond. A real pleasure to trade with fantastic communication all the way through and super fast service. He won't keep you hanging around.
Nice one!

the slider
2011-05-03, 03:21 PM
Well Martie is the perfet man to trade with. He's prompt courte:thumbsupous and has fantastic communication.
What more do you want??????
Rock On Martie!

2011-05-03, 04:18 PM
well thank you very much :) it's good to be back amongst you all !

2011-05-11, 05:34 AM
Just finished the first of many with a really great trader , great communication and fast to send , totally hassle free , would highly recommend ;)

Deckie B
2011-05-11, 07:42 PM
Just finished my first trade with physicist666/Martie. To echo what every other trader that has dealt with Martie has to say, This is a great trader. Fast and good communicator. Great media and no errors. all that was missing was for him to deliver the beer and the pizza haha, Hey, even a great trader has to have limits haha!, Cheer Martie. very much appreciated!

2011-05-21, 07:00 AM
Just finished my first trade with Martie, fast and good communication.

Cheers Martie

Deckie B
2011-05-23, 07:51 AM
Another good trade with Martie, Much appreciated

2011-06-19, 06:46 AM
martie, is a awsome trader! :)

2011-06-19, 07:17 AM
Martie awesome trader!

2011-07-07, 03:57 PM
Also just did an 11 disk trade overseas with no troubles at all. Always got a quick response to my emails and got some amazing Pink Floyd footage. Hopefully we can set up another trade when I have more shows.

2011-10-18, 01:59 PM
Very fast. Awesome quality. Martie is a very good trader!

Thanks for great shows, Friend!