View Full Version : Trying To Seed But Showing as 99.9%

2009-05-25, 05:09 PM
Good Evening -

I was looking at the page that has things I've downloaded that need a seed and I found a show with a leecher but no seeder.

I always archive my entire folder that I download into, including the original torrent file. Usually when I go back to seed something I just double click the .torrent file and it loads up and off I go.

This one though was pulling up right. I'm not too technical on troubleshooting issues as I've really never had any so haven't needed to figure things out.

I did pull up the properties of the show (I'm using UTorrent 1.7.7) and for some reason it was showing the tracker as being Dime (I would assume for it to show up on my seeding opportunities page here that I would have downloaded it from here. Weird) so here's what I did:

I downloaded the .torrent file from the show here:

Then I copied the info for the tracker field from the properties off that file and pasted that into the same area for my completed show off Dime.

I removed the Dime info and then clicked 'Update Tracker'.

It went through the check, stopped at 99.9% and is showing me as a leecher.

Any ideas?

2009-05-25, 05:35 PM
your torrent client can verify exactly - but most likely the *info.txt* file.

2009-05-25, 07:31 PM
your torrent client can verify exactly - but most likely the *info.txt* file.

Hey cool. I never knew I could do that. Based on your statement there I went looking some more and found how to do that.

It looks like I'm actually missing a bunch of files (Artwork) and, oddly, 1k off the last audio track.


Thanks though.