View Full Version : Making a 2 cam mix video

2009-05-14, 01:29 PM
Im going to be filming a friends band on saturday night.Ive filmed them a few times with just the one camera.I have access to another cam and would like to film two different angles,and make a 2 cam mix from it.I have no experience at this and it seems such complex project to take on.Is there anyone in the uk that knows how to do this and might be willing/happy to have a go at it for me.As for the band,they are called kitty and the lost boys,and you can see some live footage ive done( its done without a tripod and its not the best filming ive done ).here



2009-05-15, 04:37 PM
yup it's a bit compliacted...

2009-05-16, 04:33 AM
If you have access to Sony Vegas there are plenty of tutorials to walk you through it.