View Full Version : I want to move my show from cd to dvd..

2009-05-08, 09:08 PM
I want to move my shows from cd to dvd but I've only got mp3 dvd's to play on my dvd player and I want them in lossless form. Any Ideas?
Thanks Tony

2009-05-08, 09:21 PM
Your DVD player probably doesn't support DVD Audio format, but you can check the manufacturer info and find out for sure, otherwise we'll cross that off as an option. Your next option is to simply make a DVD with a PCM audio track, and a blank background playing, or whatever you like. The good news is, if you use a plain black background, you can set the bitrate low, and possible fit more concerts onto a disc.

2009-05-08, 09:26 PM
if you really want to


any dvd player & lossless

2009-05-09, 02:05 AM
When I burn lossless on DVD, I make a copy of those files in mp3 for players that will not support lossless.
You can also try MP3 HD (http://www.all4mp3.com/Learn_mp3_hd_1.aspx)