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2009-04-27, 04:39 PM
Hi guys and gals,
I'm hoping someone might be able to help me with a little issue I'm battling:

I've promised to add another audiosource to a concert dvd a friend of mine shot. I have the new audio source in FLAC (and wav), but the dvd he has provided me with has already been burning to a DVD with a standard menu.
I normally do all my dvd editing and menu creation in the Adobe C4 package (Premiere Pro and Encore) but I cant figure out how to convert the vob files into something nice and editable.
I've tried various converters but they really seem to butcher the quality, even when I try to convert into just plain old MPEG2.
I have no way of getting the original raw footage that was used to create the dvd so I really need some way of getting it out of the vobs and into Premiere Pro..

Anyone have any experience with this sort of thing, and who might be able to give a little advice...

Thanks in advance :)

2009-04-27, 06:22 PM
Maybe use something like DVD Decrypter to demux the vob into the elementary streams (.m2v for video; .ac3, .wav, mp2 for the audio). I can't remember if Premiere CS4 supports .m2v, though. If the audio is in .ac3 format, you may want to convert it to .wav to help sync the new source. From there you can put the new audio stream and the old video stream into Encore and create a brand new DVD if you like. You'll have to seek out other help to mux the files and drop it back into the current disc, I've never tinkered with it like that, but hopefully this will help you get off to a good start.