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2009-04-07, 09:54 PM
Hello, im a member of the bjork hub/bjorklossless and i joined tradersden to share the bjorklossless files from the hub. the hub carries lossless rules almost as strict as you guys, so everything there is flac, dvd, or other lossless formats. the hub has been using DC++ for years now and its just not as fast as torrents. so, that is my goal here, to bring the best material from the hub to the world of torrents.

the problem is, the readme that comes with the files dont always have every piece of information that you guys require. i can only give the audio/video info thats given by the original author. it would be a real shame to dismiss these files because the text file is lacking. everything ive downloaded from the hub is flac or dvd and i can assure you that they are the highest quality copies of these shows.

for instance, the riverside church dvd doesnt give an acceptable lineage of the audio/video file. however, it is a fantastic show that only aired on HBO in 2001 and this is the best copy of it in the world. (outside of HBO's original tape i suppose). so basically, if any bjork fans want to see this great show, this is THE copy you want.

im hoping we can find some middle ground here. im aware of your strict rules of quality and i love that approach. however, these files deserve to be here reguardless of text file info.

heres a link to bjorklossless so you can see their rules and files:


2009-04-07, 10:02 PM
let me be the first to say hello :wave: and good luck with the rest.

2009-04-07, 10:09 PM
I downloaded this at another site and its great is not acceptable here. Contact the original seeder and see if they can provide the required info. The effort to share is appreciated, but detailed lineage is a requirement here because it does matter.

2009-04-07, 10:32 PM
thx for the response, i appreciate it. unfortunately, i think too many of the files from the hub will fall short of your requirements.

are there any sites similar to tradersden with a less strict quality policy? i was referred here by an admin at the bjork hub, so im unshure what to google for torrent sites similar to this one.

2009-04-07, 10:42 PM
Try DIME. They're a bit looser on lineage. Make sure there's absolutely no officially released material (even a single track). They are sticklers for that.

2009-04-07, 11:17 PM
tyvm, ill check it out.