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2009-03-30, 01:40 AM
I have recently recorded a few shows in a very small intimate venue that is very anti-taping. Normally I have no problems with my recordings having distortion, but the nature of these shows are mostly quiet acoustic guitar and voice, and not a constant driving sound.

The problem I encountered on my first two recordings is that I was sitting front row with my gear on the floor next to me. All in all the show sounds fine but in several places when the singer gets close to the mike, his voice causes a puffing sound. I have looked and the levels are not blown or overdriven. A friend who know a little about sound called it sibilance.

Is there a technique to help remove or mitigate these spikes in the recording? I am guessing not, but I figure this is the place to ask as there is a wealth of knowledge in your collective brains.

Since then I have moved back a few rows, sacrificing my own desires to get a better recording to share and that has helped quite a bit.

Thanks for any light you may be able to shed.

Dave :wave:

2009-03-30, 02:53 AM
You can try and selecting the spikes and reducing the db a bit. But no matter what you do it will always be apparent I'd say. Does it happen often in the recording? If not, put it down to experience maybe.

2009-03-30, 10:49 AM
It's not too horrible and it's not constant, and later on in the show when guests come up to play it goes away somewhat, but yeah, I guess you're right.

Chalk it up to experience! I'll post a sample later today. Maybe I am using the wrong term for what it happening.

Thanks for your reply.