View Full Version : how to VIDEO_TS.IFO file?

rob steinhardt
2009-03-26, 04:38 AM
Hi all,

This has probably been covered, and I am about to sift through the forum for an answer, but if anyone could point me in the right direction, I would appreciate it.

I have been trying to burn The Who Summit '75 to DVD using ImageBurn,
but keep getting the error message " could not find VIDEO_TS.IFO file."

I was able to drag and drop the individual VTS_x_x files to burn and veiw on my pc, but would like to create DVD to play in a regular DVD player.

Any ideas how to do so?


Rob Steinhardt


2009-03-26, 09:27 AM
You need the entire contents of the VIDEO_TS folder in order to burn a DVD. That will include ifo, bup, and vob files. You should search around in this forum because burning DVDs has been discussed many times before. Perhaps do a search on your software application.

2009-03-26, 09:38 AM
have you made an .img file yet? that is what ya burn...you need to use something like dvd imager to make that and then burn it...or use Burn or whatever and then you can burn the VIDEO_TS files...
(I am a mac user BTW)