View Full Version : College and Torrenting - FIREWALLED Issues

2009-03-24, 07:18 PM
I am off at college right now but my school has a pretty lax internet policy. I have DL'd quite a bit this semester with no problems and have UL'd quite a bit less. When I have UL'd there hasn't been problems, but I noticed after getting my two first shows up that nobody is really downloading from me. I managed to figure out how to PortForward back on my PC in the good ol' OiNK days but I can't seem to figure out how to do it on my Mac with Transmission for What nor TTD.

1) Is it even possible to PortForward since I'm on campus internet? I'm still using a wireless router plugged into the wall at school.
2) How do I do it? I have read a ton of tutorials but just can't figure it out.

Thanks so much guys.

2009-03-24, 08:18 PM
Sometimes it is, sometimes it isn't. In order to forward your ports, you need access to the router. It's probably better if someone from a college campus answers this.