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2009-03-18, 08:56 AM
I am starting over , my house was broken into and all my equipment is gone, including my external hard drives, all I have is what I had put on my thumb drive.

I picked up a used laptop last night and spent a few hours getting linux installed and now that I am back up (for some reason they left my wireless router).

The few shows I have, which were recently downloaded, I would like to get them available to share, so that I maintain a decent share ratio, but usually I just download them and then just let the system run till my wife decides I have sucked up enough bandwidth, and at least someone else gets a copy.

How can I do this without downloading again ?

2009-03-18, 09:16 AM
Sorry to hear you got your stuff stolen :(

1. Copy the shows onto your hard drive
2. Download the .torrent file from thetradersden.org
3. Point your torrent program to the folder containing the flac files
4. Your torrent program should then check that the files are complete and it will then start seeding.

2009-03-20, 04:08 PM

Thanks, I will get it set back up tomorrow.