View Full Version : Phish VHS > DVD Anyone?

2009-03-11, 02:02 PM
Hi Anyone,
I have 2 Phish videos on VHS that seem to be out of digital circulation and I was wondering if anyone out there is into the mastering them onto DVD. One of them is very one of a kind video and the other I just haven't seen around. I'd be willing to give up the tapes in exchange for a nicely mastered DVD copy...any takers? Email me at phandolin at yahoo dot com and thank you in advance for all your hard work, of course a big thanks to PHISH for having the balls to come back and practice. =)

2009-03-14, 11:44 AM
Post the dates/info.

I would bet they are already in digital but I am sure someone would take you offer if they are not.