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2009-02-14, 10:36 AM
Hi again... I found a show that sounds good and seems to be a good candidate for an exception. I am not sure the lineage would be a problem, but i want to see if an exception is possible just in the case. The show is 38+ years old and it was posted by 38f (elsewhere). As always, i will abide by your answer and thanks to all involved to make this place what it is!

Here is the info:
Silver Metre - Fillmore West, San Francisco, California, July 10th 1970.

1st generation cassette > Nakamichi > amplifiers > tascam audio cdrw750 > cd > computer > plex tool professional XL > wav > flac.

Another ultra rare Blue Cheer related band. Opened for Mott the Hoople, and Quicksilver Messenger Service.

1. Naughty Lady
2. Now They’ ve Found Me (Ballad of a Well Known Gun)
3. Country Comforts
4. Compromising Situation
5. Jumpin' Jack Flash
6. Need Your Love So Bad
7. Sixty Years On

Album Outtakes :

8. The Train Kept a-Rollin'
9. Just Give Me Some More Time

Line up :

Jack Reynolds (vocals)
Pete Sears (bass)
Leigh Stephens (guitar)
Mick Waller (drums)

2009-02-14, 10:42 AM
The lineage is a bit funky, but I've seen worse. I assume you can make fingerprints. What is it you want an 'exception' on? (Usually the best thing to do is PM one of the ABT Mods - or a couple of them at a time.)

2009-02-14, 11:36 AM
Thanks! I was concerned about the lineage It looks like there was a cd gen and no actually EAC extraction (but 38f probably has the only copy of this show we are going to get. I am off to enjoy VD day with Mrs. cicada... I will take this up with the mods in the next day or so.

2009-02-14, 11:39 AM
1st generation cassette > Nakamichi > amplifiers > tascam audio cdrw750 > cd > computer > plex tool professional XL > wav > flac.

the only thing i see with the lineage that we'd like to know is how it went from "CD > computer"...Audio CD that was extracted using something like EAC? or wav data files copied straight over to the hdd?

but like lynne said, i'd wait to hear from one of the ABT mods

2009-02-14, 12:39 PM
ok, so the issue is that you don't have the extraction info from the CDR made by tyhe standalone, linear audio CD recorder?

Let me know and we'll discuss this and get back to you!

2009-02-14, 05:32 PM
It's 38 years old, and it's the only source...I'd just get as much info as you can. It's OK with me.

Of course, I'll admit to a little bias, I wanna hear some post-Blue Cheer Leigh Stephens. :D

2009-02-14, 09:38 PM

2009-02-14, 10:45 PM
I agree. It's fine. Best thing to do is provide as much info as you can, which ypu have.
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