View Full Version : where can i post my non td torrent? 60's collection

2009-02-11, 07:27 PM
i really wanted to submit this to trader's den then read that its for trader's den only... well i already created two torrents, kinda of 60's mixes that are a mix of traders den clips and other collections in the last 3 years.

please delete if it is not appropriate, i just want to give back! is it possible to get a td tracker added to it without getting banned?

i didn't know where else i could post this. thanks!

2009-02-11, 07:37 PM
If you have a show up on another tracker, there is the External Video and External Audio torrent forum. However, all shows posted on this site must conform to the rules on this site (no mpd3s, complete lineage, fingerprints, etc - see the rules in the FAQ).

2009-02-11, 07:48 PM
No lineage. No info at all really. No chance here.

2009-02-19, 01:51 AM
thanks guys!

for my traders den torrents im worried i am blocking the tracker with peer guardian and my firewall. my profile shows only a small portion of what i uploaded lately. i probably uploaded 30gb in the last two weeks and it shows an improvement of maybe 7... any trackers i should whitelist via ip?

2009-02-19, 11:22 AM
Our tracker isn't on a separate port or ip like some other trackers. If you can see this site, you can see our tracker.

Make sure you have DHT turned off or if you connect to a user via DHT, your stats won't get updated on the tracker. Here's a link on how to disable DHT on Azureus/Vuze - http://www.zeropaid.com/bbs/showthread.php?t=43293