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2005-05-08, 02:56 AM
I have downloaded a show in flac format that I recently attended. There are two acoustic tracks at the beginning of the second set that have very low levels and volume. I tried a "quick fix" (I know it is frowned upon) using audacity to raise the levels of these two songs individually. I will NOT be seeding these tracks but I wanted to raise the levels a bit to get a more uniform sound for the second disc. I converted the flac files to wav using flac frontend and then imported the first track into audacity in wav format. I listened to the track and looked at the levels, it had very low levels. I bumped the levels up using the replay gain feature. At first, I had them too high and the levels peaked over 0 db; after some playing around with the replay gain adjustment, I found a setting which pushed the levels just under 0 db at the peak. I saved the finished product as a wav on my harddrive. Then, I proceeded to do the same thing to track number two. Did I do this right and is it "ruining the audio cdr" if I burn the new replay gain adjusted tracks with the rest of the material on the cd? Will this cause a SBE to the audio CDR. Again, I stress that I won't be seeding/trading the tracks anywhere, I just want to raise the levels during these two songs.

2005-05-08, 03:36 AM
As long as it is for personal use and you leave original files alone, why worry mate? :cool:

If you like how it sounds then you did the right thing. The CD is only for you to listen and enjoy. You left the original files alone. Anyone who would have the audacity to tell you how you should enjoy your music is an arrogant SOB. ;)

In Audacity, the feature you wanted to use is called "Normalize." Typically, audio is normalized for Audio CD's at about 96%. I use both Audacity and Cool Edit Pro here at the Lachine Machine. Never be afraid to use either program. They can really bring out some of the boots. If you have any questions, I will do my best to answer them.