View Full Version : ISO: Help creating Torrent and menus, and everything......

2009-02-05, 09:52 PM
i filmed a bunch of shows with my vid cam
all of these shows are on MiniDV tapes

i have several .... Kimock, PNUMA TRIO, Talib Kweli, G Love, WSP, and most recent the Jamacia HOLIDAZE disco biscuits...

now i have these tapes
and i dont know how to turn it into..... the end product when i download a torrent here.....

i need someone to make menus ... chapters.... the whole 9... from the tape i mail you ....

might have to sync with audio..... but audio itself on the tape is really good id say.....

ALL info and help let me know

2009-02-08, 03:28 PM
I use nerovision to do mine.
Transfer the tape from my cam via firewire and save as avi-
put the avi in nerovision, and it's pretty easy to make chapters and menus in that prog (IMO)
It seems fairly intuitive to me, but it also has some drawbacks and it's not free.
Just make sure whatever you use, check the audio and video settings before converting-
AC3 audio is lossy like an mp3- I always use LPCM audio which is lossless.
Also check the video bitrate setting and use the highest possible.
Keep in mind this will make the end product bigger- but well worth it (again IMO)

There are tons of threads here covering this topic- search around and you'll find way more info-
this is just how I do it.

I'm sitting on about 10 shows myself that need converted/synced or I would offer to do 'em for ya.