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2009-01-31, 08:40 PM
I just got a better audio source for a show that i have on dvd. how would i go about removing the old audio and replacing it what the better recording?

2009-02-01, 09:14 AM
--first demux the vob set, leaving you with an .m2v file and an audio file [ac3 or wav]
--sync up the new audio source [wav] with the .m2v in your DVD authoring program, create your menus etc and re-author

numerous programs out there for the tasks...i use ffmpegx to demux & DVD Studio Pro for my authoring [mac]...for windows progs, you might wanna check over at videohelp.com

2009-02-01, 02:19 PM
search function is your friend...

you can't just swap out the old audio and put in the new, its a big job to re-sync everything, takes good ears and eyes I wish you the best. there's A LOT of DVDs out there with shitty sync, don't make yours like that :nono:

2009-02-03, 03:45 PM
thanks a lot...i guess i just didnt use the right search terms. The new source i was to do is from an officially released CD so i'm not exactly what the policy is about that around here. i'm assuming they're not allowed, but there is nothing i hate more then dvd's that are out of sync so i'm not planning on settling on anything less than perfection

2009-02-03, 06:26 PM

2009-02-04, 05:27 AM
My understanding is that if you use official audio on this it will be prohibited from being shared or torrented here or any other site that tries to do the right thing by the artists.

Also, keep in mind that most official release live cd's have been edited and manipulated to remove all wasted space between songs. If you do this for personal use you will be better served to rip each song as an individual track and sync up each song and leave whatever you have on the dvd already "underneath" to maintain a soundtrack between songs. Although, this will cost you an incredible amount of work I highly doubt that the audio will just slip in there and match across the whole recording.